With your family or friends, all levels of mountain bike enthusiasts will find trails they’re sure to love.

Bromont is the meeting place for mountain bikers in Quebec! Its popularity is generated by 105 km of trails to ride, climb, descend and fully experience.

For Cross-country style and Enduro adepts, the Parc des Sommets is the place to be! Nearly a hundred trails have been developed on 5 interconnected networks where wooden bridges, switchbacks, jumps and rock slabs alternate inside an amazing landscape. Our field team’s attention to detail is impressive; You’ll discover something for every interest and every level here.

The Mount Oak Network offers a multitude of routes that will satisfy all cyclists no matter their level, from young families to top experts! A total of 17 km of winding trails interconnected and carefully developed to highlight the natural features of this sumptuous forest.

Topped by three peaks and sharing the boundaries of its terrain with Bromont, montagne d’experiences, the Mountain Network is unique and attracts enduro cyclists from all over the province. The exceptional quality of the trails, the vast terrain, the preserved nature and the incredible views all contribute to making this place a prime destination for all thrill seekers.

The Villageois Network and Mount Berthier Network offer free access to all and allow those who wish to use an active transportation. Both networks will take you to the heart of the town where you’ll find the school, the library, sports and recreational infrastructures, boutiques, restaurants, lodging accommodations, businesses, art galleries, and all kinds of events.

The network of bike paths and the town of Bromont’s municipal trails constitute an unmissable attraction here. The Route Verte segment found on the territory of Bromont is an integral part of the vast Route Verte network and permits cyclists to connect with the Route Verte no. 4 as well as the no. 1.

At the Parc des Sommets, cohabitation remains a priority, so together let’s share the trails with hikers!

Feel like honing your skills? Visit the Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont (CNCB) where they’ve developed skill testing zones, jump parks and a pump track!

Bromont, montagne d’experiences https://www.bromontmontagne.com/en/, a national legend when it comes to downhill biking, offers 26 trails spread over 50 km and access to 3 lifts. Fun guaranteed!

The trails are well marked but it’s a good idea to download the free “ONDAGO” locator applications on your smart phone.

Access to the trails is free for Bromont residents (proof of residence required via Bciti). The fee for non-Bromont residents is donated to the organization Les Amis des Sentiers who are the only ones to ensure the sustainability of the trails in Bromont by seeing to their protection, maintenance and development.

The Parc des Sommets must-try routes :

The Mount Oak Network

Boucle familiale (the family-friendly loop)

Level: Beginner
Distance: 3.5km (45 min.)

Trailhead: The Mount Oak parking area (45.303394, -72.680586) / Behind the Canaël bakery

Itinerary: Starting out from the parking area, come and test your skills on the Lollipop course. It’s ideal for families with young children. Once you’ve completed your warm-up, go find the Wambam trail followed by the Cassonade then the Picolo (optional). Return by the K1 and head down the Yakaytak, a trail with sharp turns, small and medium size jumps as well as some wood structures. Smiles guaranteed for the entire family!

You can do this loop over again, but this time you might want to add a descent on the Phooz by taking the K2 and the K1.

Itinéraire sur AllTrails – Boucle familiale (apprivoiser les sentiers)

Boucle d’initiation sucrée/salée (the Sweet and Salty initiation Loop)

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Distance: 4km (1 hour)

Trailhead: The Mount Oak parking area (45.303394, -72.680586) / Behind the Canaël bakery

Itinerary: Starting out from the parking area, take the Wambam trail, then the Cassonade and the Picolo*. Continue your way on the K1 or if you prefer a bigger challenge, take the Fruit Loops, a magnificent trail that winds across the forest, and ideal for practising your turns. Continue on the K1 to head down the Phooz and the Yakaytak. These 2 trails have sharp turns, small and medium size jumps and several wooden structures. Guaranteed fun!

*To practise, take these 3 trails and head back down by the K1; You’ll find plenty here to have fun.

Itinéraire sur AllTrails – Boucle d’initiation sucrée/salée

Oural / Oural hauteur: These trails are for advanced/expert cyclists with technical climbs, several rock surfaces to climb and head down, as well as steeper drop options.

Level: Advanced/Expert

The Mountain Network

Ceinture de randonnée – C1 (the C1 touring belt)

Level: Beginner
Distance: 15 km (1 hour 45 min.)

Trailhead: The P2/P5/parking area by Lake Bromont (can, however, be taken from different points)

Itinerary: It’s the longest trail in Bromont, and will take you all around Mount Brome! It’s possible to cover up to 15.1 km by combining all the sections. This route also allows you to connect with other network trails.

Itinéraire sur AllTrails – Ceinture de randonnée C1

Sommet du mont Bernard (Mount Bernard Summit)

Level: Intermediate
Distance: 5 km (1 hour) + challenging 2.5km (30 min.)

Trailhead: The Missisquoi St. parking area (45.28568, -72.66028)

Itinerary: Start out from the Missisquoi St. parking area and take the Entrecôte trail and then Stade Olympique. Head up the Montée Bernard to the summit of Mount Bernard, where you’ll find an exceptional view awaits, some picnic tables and belvederes. The descent starts out on the Farfadet trail, a favourite section for mountain bikers with its sweet turns and jump options. Return to the parking area by taking the Entrecôte and the Stade Olympique trails. This route is ideal for those just starting out on the Mountain network.

Itinéraire sur AllTrails – Sommet du mont Bernard

Are you up for a challenge? Head down from the summit of Mount Bernard by taking the Farfadet all the way to the bottom, and return by the Hollywood trail. Take the Échangeur Turcotte, a magnificent trail that winds through the forest, to come out in the direction of the Fer à Cheval trail. Continue on the Richard, Relique and Ligament trails, then head back down to the Missisquoi St. parking area via the Cumulus and Céleste trails.

Itinéraire sur AllTrails – Sommet du mont Bernard + défi

L’Aninja + Humus + Rouche + Chaton Bicolore: Définitivement l’un des trajets de type enduro les plus convoités à Bromont où se succèdent virages appuyés, bermes, sauts, montées

Definitely one of Bromont’s most coveted enduro trails where you’ll experience a succession of sharp turns, berms, jumps, technical climbs and steep descents. For advanced riders: Finish with the Hummus all the way down (parking area P7); Experts only: go up the Rouche to go back down by the Chaton Bicolore.

Level : Advanced/Expert

Boucle Sommet Pic du Chevreuil et mont Spruce (the Summits of Pic du Chevreuil and Mount Spruce loop)

Level: Advanced/Expert
Distance: 13km (1 hour 30 min.)

Trailhead: P7 parking area (45.277768, -72.644020)

Itinerary: From the parking area, take the Hollywood trail and then the Montée Aninja to reach the Pic du Chevreuil. Afterwards, go back down by the Hummus until you reach the junction with the Hollywood trail and head back up the Aninja to the Connection (M77). Turn off at the Coeur de Grenouille trail and continue your ascent on the Connection (M77) to the top of Mount Spruce. Finish your route by going down the Mordor (M64) and then return to the P7 parking area via the C1 and the Colorée (C6).

Itinéraire sur AllTrails – Boucle sommet Pic du Chevreuil et mont Spruce

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