Together, let’s build a culture of mutual respect

Bromont trail network code of ethics and safety – printable PDF version


I come to have fun and train: I have a friendly attitude towards all the users of the trails and I readily greet them.


I’m happy to contribute to the preservation of the wonderful Parc des Sommets, accessible both in summer and winter; I respect the fauna and flora; I’m discreet and leave no trace behind.


I adopt a clean and sustainable approach when I go on an outing here; I stay on the trails, I bring back any litter, sometimes what other people leave behind as well, and I don’t build fires.


I keep my dog on a leash at all times for everyone’s safety.


I respect the signs and the established routes; I check whether I may use the trails for my sport, and I’m grateful for the privilege area landowners offer us.


I’m aware of the fact that the trails are shared and often multifunctional; I’m careful and courteous when I pass or when I meet other trail users.


I don’t go on the Parc des Sommets’s closed trails and I discourage any diehards from taking them in order to preserve and help Les Amis des Sentiers in their work.


I can access the Parc des Sommets from sunrise to sunset to avoid any risks.


I find out about the weather and trail conditions before heading out to the Parc des Sommets.


I honour and protect the work of the volunteers who maintain these amazing trails.